Have you ever wondered what people get out of coaching?

Here are ten top objectives executives have for coaching (in no particular order). Plus some reasons they might be important to you too. They’re quite broad areas but you can probably imagine where your goals could fit.

10 Top Reasons Leaders Get A Coach

1. Influencing others

The further you go in an organisation the more your success depends on getting buy-in and cooperation from others. Becoming an influential leader demands a blend of behaviours and skills you’ve never been trained in.

2. Team leadership and management

Executives who are impressive individual performers are promoted to management and leadership roles without the necessary understanding and skills to lead. Training courses often lack the individual attention that is needed for lasting learning. Coaching is tailored to you and your circumstances.

3. Career steps

Everyone goes through transition points in their career. It’s crucial for the individual and the organisation that these are seen as opportunities for growth. Surprisingly people expect everything to progress smoothly but these can be turbulent times. As you advance fresh challenges need fresh thinking and behaving.

4. Leadership style

Leaders bring the best out of their people. What makes someone tick? What motivates them? What will increase their engagement and performance? I’ve encountered leaders for whom this is fairly instinctive but plenty struggle. With so many more Millennials entering the workforce this is becoming an increasing challenge for those of a different generation.

5. Managing relationships

Navigating the personalities and the power networks within an organisation takes a high level of skill. People can find it stressful, threatening and disempowering. It uses up a lot of psychological and emotional energy. Coaching helps people to step back and depersonalise things that may feel intensely personal.

6. Personal qualities

Nobody has arrived. Every one of us needs to be shaped, sharpened and refined. Formal or informal feedback often ‘flags up’ a few areas that are blind spots. In my experience even seasoned leaders have things they could work on to become more effective.

7. Prioritising and managing workload

This is usually a ‘Russian Doll’, type issue. It’s not just about being more efficient. Being successful is about your whole eco-system which involves managing yourself, managing your relationships and developing a relevant and resilient skillset.

8. Managing up

Just like relatives you don’t get to pick your boss. Your boss may be in another part of the world, may be very different from your previous boss, may micro-manage, may be too hands off. One thing is constant – you need to manage the relationship.

9. Personal and organisational alignment

In Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones write, ‘It’s unlikely that you will be able to inspire, arouse, excite or motivate people unless you can show them who you are, what you stand for, and what you can and cannot do.’ Sometimes it’s difficult to be yourself and at the same time represent, champion and drive the organisation’s objectives.

10. Achieving specific business objectives

Organisations have to achieve more success, at a faster pace, with fewer resources, more competition and constant uncertainty in a global marketplace. Every one has to make a clear contribution and be seen to be adding value. The days of settling or resting on successes of former times have gone.

One of the greatest benefits people experience is the thinking and reflection time that’s so scare normally. Whatever your goals are taking time on a regular basis with a trusted coach will accelerate your results. This achieves results for you, your team and the business.

If you’d like an informal conversation

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