Learns These Top Confidence Tips And Wow Your Audience Every Time.

Some nerves are good. They help us perform well. But shaking like a leaf does the opposite. Here are 19 tried and tested tips and 1 bonus to give you the gravitas you desire.

  1. Nerves are good and can help you perform at your best. Accept them as friends.
  2. It’s not about you. Put your focus on helping your audience rather than yourself.
  3. Develop a preparation routine. Athletes, actors and performers have a routine to get into the right state of mind and body to perform well. Use these tips to create yours.
  4. Change your state. One of the best ways to energise yourself is to do something different with your body. Jump, shout or beat your chest.
  5. Visualize doing well. Close your eyes and see yourself acting in the way you would like. If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t your right.
  6. Visualize your audience responding well.
  7. Create a trigger. Think of a time when you were feeling strong, successful and confident. Make it really intense. Add colour, sounds and details to the picture. Now attach a physical ‘trigger’ by tugging your ear, pinching yourself. Anything that others won’t notice. Keep practising and next time you need that feeling use the trigger.
  8. Prepare: There is no substitute for knowing your subject.
  9. Breathe. Long, peaceful breaths tell our minds and bodies that everything is okay. In through the nose, out through the mouth.
  10. Use your energy. Standing absolutely still can result in nervous energy appearing in irritating tics or shaking hands. Use your energy by moving and using the space.
  11. Practise your opening. Script your opening so you can do it without notes or looking at the slides.
  12. Rehearse. Rehearsal of the opening few lines can help enormously because you take away the fear.
  13. Practise in front of the mirror. Especially the beginning of your talk. It helps you to get going.
  14. Exercise your voice and face.
    – Yawn freely to open the throat x 3
    – Breath in through nose and then exhale with a fff or sss until out of breath
    – Hum gently up and down the vocal range. Put the chin down and then up
    – Breath in through nose and then exhale with vvv or zzz until out of breath
    – Pull some faces
    – Blow air like a horse and then smack lips together
  15. Think about when you have presented well. What went well. Do more of that.
  16. If you are concerned about difficult comments or questions. Decide in advance what you’ll say to handle them.
  17. Act confident and then you will feel confident
  18. Be specific about any worries and make contingency plans to deal with them
  19. Trust in yourself

Bonus Top Tip: Unfavourable Comparison. When we compare ourselves with other people we tend to compare their strengths with our own weaknesses.