We’ve all listened to presentations by smart and capable people but when it comes to getting across their messages effectively they mysteriously fall short.

The reason for this is when you prepare for presentations it’s easy to fall into one of two traps that create lots of stress for you and your audience.

Trap One is when you Over Prepare

You try to cram every last bit of possibly relevant information into your presentation. Just in case.

The downside is that your message, if you have one, gets lost in the detail. You run the risk of boring your audience with PowerPoint leaving them disengaged and frustrated. Most of them just want to know your key message and what you want them to do, especially if they are senior people.

Trap Two is when you Under Prepare

This is where you think you can wing it and the people will be won over by your magnetic personality.

In Trap One the audience is overwhelmed with information but in your case they are underwhelmed because of the lack of solid, relevant arguments. They may smile and seem generally excited but they won’t be convinced. The lack of structure will leave them confused.

So this is the message. And it’s the same for both.

Don’t over prepare or under prepare.

Ask yourself 2 questions “What’s my main message?” and “What are the 3 best key points that explain it?” Then only put in the most important information to support those points.

When who have a reliable method you can easily prepare for most significant presentations, meetings or briefings in less than 30 minutes. I teach executives the P.R.E.P.A.R.E. method so look out for more about that in another video.


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