Get this right to effortlessly impress your boss and colleagues

So here’s the good news.

You don’t have to try to impress your audience with all your experience and knowledge every time you get up to speak. In fact if you do it will have the opposite effect on them. You’ll turn them off!

I see people make these four mistakes repeatedly.

  1. Overloading on detail
  2. Over describing processes
  3. Over using impenetrable business speak and jargon
  4. Over complicating the message

Even the brightest most experienced people in your audience will be delighted if you deliver clear, well thought through, simple messages.

Simplify The Complex

You may be concerned if you say less you look less professional or knowledgeable. But the reverse is true. You demonstrate your mastery by simplifying the complicated.

So you have to change your habits.

Remember this golden rule – Change your approach from COMPLEX to SIMPLE

  • Develop a clear message
  • Define a simple structure
  • Drop the detail
  • Deliver straightforward sentences using simple language

Be Clear – Be Quick – Be Gone

Here’s a TIP.

When you prepare your slides reduce them by half and then by half again. Both the number of them and the content on them.

Why will this Wow your audience? – Because most presenters don’t do it and you will be the one who gives them what they need to make decisions and take action.

The rule of thumb is: Be Clear – Be Quick – Be Gone

And as a leader that is “definitely worth knowing.”