As leaders you spend a good deal of time inspiring action in others. Frequently you have to do this when there aren’t any more cash incentives to hand out. So what do you do to inspire action in others?

The good news is surveys consistently show that people are motivated as much if not more by some non-financial motivators as they are by cash incentives. This is especially true when they have reached what they regard as a satisfactory level of financial reward for their work.

7 Ways to Inspire Action In Others

1. Tell A Story

Whether the task is big or small people are motivated and happier when they know they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. It’s your job to help them see how their work is an important part of a bigger story.

2. Tune In

Everyone has their own perspective of the world and a sense of who they want to be in it. This includes their Ambitions, Frustrations, Values, Interests and Fears. When you tune into this you can describe what you want them to do in terms that resonate with their view of themselves and what is important to them. If you don’t you’re not speaking their language and that means you have communication breakdown.

3. Let Go And Let The Team

Many leaders make life hard for themselves because they try to do too much and lack confidence in the abilities of their people. Leaders who don’t show any faith demotivate people the world over. There is an art to letting go.

4. Learn The Art of Letting Go

The art of letting go means you have to develop the skill of asking questions that facilitate ideas and generate ownership. Doing this successfully will bring out the best ideas and responsible behaviours in your people AND it reduce the risk of anything going badly wrong. Of course things will go wrong and that’s a great opportunity for learning and growth.

5. Notice People

If you are from the ‘they get paid so why should I say thank you’ camp then this isn’t for you. Appreciation and praise for specific qualities and achievements mean a lot. This should be both ad hoc and regular. Make regular planned one-one time with your team a very high priority in your diary.

6. Don’t Get In The Way

There are all kinds of ways leaders get in the way of high performance. This means that self-awareness must be at the top of your list. If you don’t know what your manager, peers and team think about your style of leadership arrange some 360 feedback now.

7. Stretch Them

Not everyone who needs to be stretched wants to be stretched and not everyone who wants to be stretched can handle it – so how are you and they going to find out? That’s right – give them something to stretch them.

If you do these things your people will grow. And that can be kind of scary for you. This means you need to be growing too. What’s your vision for your career? What do you want to achieve next?