Is your team behaving more as a collection of loosely related individuals or are they really pulling together as a team?

Do you feel like there are more factors pulling your team apart than bonding it together? Less time spent together, more home working and geographical spread can all weaken the connections. Performance is more a personal target rather than a shared goal.

Try these 9 powerful ways to help you perform as a team and enjoy even better results and rewards.

  1. Get to know each other

    Create the time and occasion for the team to get to know each other. Move beyond the purely work related conversation and find out something personal.

  2. Celebrate variety

    One of the great things about being a part of a team is the diversity. Different people bring different perspectives and experiences, which can enrich everyone.

  3. Appreciate strengths

    Everyone has different strengths to help the team achieve the results. Noticing these is a powerful way to endorse people and grasp their full potential.

  4. Acknowledge limitations

    No one person is good at everything. Strong teams speak honestly about this so that as a team they are open and strong. They have a plan to manage weaknesses and help people to learn and grow where they need to.
  5. Share goals

    Working toward something that’s bigger than only personal objectives motivates people. What is your team working toward together?
  6. Play your part

    Every team member must stand up and be counted and be fully accountable and responsible. But that is just the basic standard. Contribute above and beyond what is absolutely necessary. Share information, offer help and respond to requests.
  7. Encourage team behaviours

    With so much focus on personal achievement it’s really important to highlight and praise people when they behave in a way that contributes to the team effort.
  8. Practise collaboration

    Few people know how to work together to create a better solution than they would working alone. It requires skills and practice.
  9. Learn together

    Learning is enriched when you do it with others. It raises the bar, brings people closer and nurtures shared understanding, capability and standards.

Small changes can make a big difference. Why not pick one of the ideas above and apply it to your team. It’s not rocket science. But unless you use the ideas just knowing it won’t help. Human beings are social creatures. Nurturing the team can increase both enjoyment, motivation and results.

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