Why is it that in sport even at the grass roots level, it’s normal to have a coach? Usually more than one. But in business it is often still regarded as a luxury for a select few or a last resort for people who are struggling.

Here are nine of the reasons people have given me in the last fifteen years, when they’ve finally hired a coach, as to why they put it off for so long.

9 Of The Most Common Reasons You Haven’t Got A Coach

1. It’s a sign of weakness: Getting a coach is a sign of strength not of weakness. It shows that whatever stage you’ve reached in your career you are serious about performing well and pushing forward.

2. There’s no budget: Coaching drives performance. A coaching engagement will improve productivity and effectiveness in the person being coached and their team. It’s not a cosy chat. It’s person and business focused and done well there is a clear return on investment. It’s easy to forget what you are losing through below par performance.

3. I don’t have time: If you don’t have time for a coach – you need a coach. One of the greatest benefits of coaching is helping you manage workload, master work-life integration and take some time to do some quality objective thinking.

4. I haven’t got a crisis: Just because you aren’t struggling doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from coaching. This is the time to capitalise on your strengths and pursue your ambitions. When you are ahead put your foot on the gas!

5. I ought to be able to do this alone: Some personality types find it hard to accept that they need help. When they get a coach they are pleasantly surprised how much more they achieve faster. I’ve worked with many high achievers who once they get started with coaching find it helps break through blockages and accelerates the changes they want.

6. I don’t like navel gazing: So don’t do it! Coaching isn’t therapy. Your mindset, values and beliefs undoubtedly affect your resilience, interactions, energy and so much more and getting insight about them is often liberating.

7. I don’t want to use an internal coach: Internal coaching plays an important role in people development but the more senior someone becomes the more helpful it can be to have an external coach. It fosters true openness and honesty and often leads to bigger breakthroughs quicker.

8. I don’t know who to choose: A good coach has a great track record and understands your context but doesn’t have to be an expert in your field. Expertise can get in the way because a central principle of coaching is helping you to bring out the best in yourself and discover strategies to accomplish your goals.

9. Will it change anything?: That’s up to you. Maybe this is the biggest hurdle because you have to make the commitment to change. Your coach will encourage, help and challenge you – it’s a partnership focused on helping you turn more of your talent and potential into lasting success.

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