If you want the results you have to take action. Things don’t just change by themselves.

Some events may seem to happen by magic, but even these require the right conditions. Trees bud, flowers blossom and grass grows but behind the scenes feeding, watering and cultivating all play their part in creating the magic. To get the opportunities you crave create the right conditions.

Create Solutions

You have to be the kind of person who thinks about creating solutions rather than adding to the problem.

  • Take concrete steps that can make a positive difference rather than think of all the reasons why something cannot be changed
  • Don’t endlessly discuss all the ins and outs imagine ideas and options
  • Instead of waiting for others get things moving and do something about it
  • Instead of seeing the negative and insurmountable, see the positive and possible

Exceed Your Job Description (even if you wrote it)

Remember, achieving is often nothing to do with what has been written on your job specification. Job specifications tend to be written by the sort of people who mistake activity for achievements. This means you have to be a self-starter, a problem-solver and a counter-cultural thinker and doer.

Be Passionate

People who deliver meaningful results are usually those who have a passion and a belief for what they do. They refuse to be ground down by the system. They find a way. They are always asking, ‘How could we?’ not ‘Why can’t we?’ You can be one of those people. Instead of thinking what’s not working, think about what is working and how you can do more of it. Look for the bright spots and work with those.

Ask ‘What if?’

Become skilled at seeing opportunities for making things better than they are now. It’s not simply about fixing things that have gone wrong, but taking the initiative to generate new ideas. Revive your curiosity and ask, ‘What if?’ Lift your head and notice the things that could be done better; make suggestions and play with options. Introduce some light-heartedness and derring-do. It will make life and work more fulfilling and fun.

Who knows, you could do something extraordinary.


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