Being An Expert Isn’t Enough

Tom’s team was a group of smart, expert professionals in a complex global organisation.

This team drives change programmes and supports vital systems. At the same they are at the cutting edge of fast changing technology.

But they had problems …

Their success depends on collaborating with multiple stakeholders. And it wasn’t going well. They struggled to get active cooperation for significant projects and initiatives. They did great work but they didn’t know how to sell it. Misunderstandings and lack of alignment resulted in lots of wasted effort.

Bad for the reputation of individuals and the effectiveness of the team.

Poor Interactions = Wasted Expertise

Tom knew exactly what he needed them to do to change this. He had a list …

  • Build Relationships Quickly
  • Understand the Customer
  • Engage in Creative Dialogue
  • Present Persuasive, Professional Messages
  • Get Closer To Commercial Partners
  • Handle Questions and Resistance with Confidence
  • Learn to ‘Sell’ Their Products and Services
  • Get Buy-In so Strategies are Implemented

He said – “Our expertise is being wasted because we also need to be expert in another set of skills”.

One attempt to showcase some of their best work went badly. That was the breaking point for Tom! That’s when he knew they needed help. He arranged coaching for some in the team but that alone didn’t work.

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He turned to his HR partners and they suggested Wizcomm. Because they’d already experienced the success of our training first hand they recommended us with confidence.

Smart Solutions For Smart People

We know what it takes to win the respect of smart people. And we know how to help them develop new skills especially when it involves taking them outside their comfort zone.

First we practise what we preach. How do we do that? Simple. We interact with them as individuals and a team to win their engagement and buy-in to the solution before we ever get into a workshop.

To overcome the problems this team faced we used our 3D process to Diagnose, Design and Deliver a tailored programme. We knew what Tom was looking for so next we spoke with his team to.


  • Build rapport and understanding of their needs and challenges
  • Identify what it will mean to them to develop their skills and behaviours


  • Use these insights and our years of experience of the context and similar organisations to co-design a bespoke programme
  • Use a ‘bite-size learning’ modular approach giving people the opportunity to apply learning in the real world and review and learn from authentic experiences.


  • Apply our best practice blended learning approach is an energetic and immersive mix of education, team-coaching, discussion, experience, experimentation, challenge, peer-to-peer feedback and live coaching.
  • Tom’s team enjoyed four 1-day workshops and three 1-1 development sessions to help them implement the learning over a period of nine months
  • In the following year they experienced on going coaching to embed the learning

Breakthrough Results

The success of the programme was measured at each stage through specific examples of how they put the learning into practice, with whom and what it achieved.

One person reported a breakthrough for a global initiative, which had been resisted and opposed for months – “Immense learning. Practical, open honest interaction and facilitation. Wonderful programme truly bringing great value and already proven personal success which can only grow further.” Senior Project Manager, Commercial Applications

Another won backing in the sum of millions of dollars for their project – “This helped me to learn about my strengths and created great value for me. It was a new experience to be pushed outside my comfort zone.” Director, Operational Applications

FOR SOME FREE TIPS click to watch Chris speak about  3 Simple Techniques To Boost Engagement and Motivation


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