Good Communication Skills Help You Inspire Trust


If I asked you whether you communicate with your team, your boss, customers or other stakeholders you’d probably say – ‘All the time.’

But if I asked when was the last time you called them for a chat or had a coffee to ask  what’s on their mind and what’s important to them I suspect there’d be far fewer positive responses.

3 Hidden Consequences

Interactions with each other become so transactional you forget to have conversations. It’s too easy to have exchanges of information rather than really enter into dialogue. This means that:

# 1 Unless you need to speak with someone about a specific problem or task you don’t make the effort to spend time with them

# 2 Your interactions with people can be so transactional you forget to have conversations

# 3 It leads to disengagement

The result is a narrow and shallow quality of communication. It creates distance not understanding. And if you constantly communicate in this way you severely limit the creativity and resourcefulness generated by better quality interactions.

How Effective Leaders Communicate

It’s much more enriching for everyone when you begin to interact with each other at a different level.

10 Benefits

  • People have ideas you never even thought of
  • Their perspective helps you open your eyes to new possibilities
  • You really listen to each other
  • They build on your ideas
  • You find ways of working better together
  • They tell you things you didn’t know
  • You resolve differences more easily
  • You understand the things that really matter to them
  • They appreciate you showing genuine interest
  • They generate their own solutions

Reach Out

Think of one person you could do this with. Send an email or give them a call and arrange 30 minutes to talk.

Here’s A Tip: Listen 80% Of The Time

People feel they have had a good conversation when they have done most of the talking. When you learn to listen you gain knowledge and ‘knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven’ William Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 2.

That’s how effective leaders communicate.

Chris Wisdom is the Author of BOOST – How To Turn Your Talents and Potential Into Lasting Success